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±+Bad Chibi+±
+Formerly Vache Rogue, What Could Happen, and GwevyanNorther+
vacherogue, whatcouldhappen, and gwevyannorther, now bad_chibi

about -
this is a friend's only icon community belonging to kashmirdreamer and now also naturalrhythm and manimalogy. only kashmirdreamer, naturalrhythm, and manimalogy's icons will be posted here. friend up and comment to be added to the community. all the bases/icons from vacherogue are now here. search back for the huge posts with all the ones from vacherogue.

simple rules:
1/ dOnT tyPe LiKe ThIz cUz iT hUrTz OuR eYeZ
2/ comment if you take anything
3/ credit if you take anything, even if you edit it. credit kashmirdreamer, naturalrhythm, or manimalogy depending on who made it. kashmirdreamer generously made this community open to all users, so please don't abuse that and GIVE CREDIT.
4/ do NOT credit vacherogue, or bad_chibi, or whatcouldhappen, or gwevyannorther.
5/ please don't make sucky icons from our bases.
6/ feel free to comment and show us anything you make from our bases! we love to see people's work!

GOOD communities-

GOOD icon journals-
withpaperwings_ - whatcouldhappen
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