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um yeah. buddha_ has the best tutorials ever. so i made a lot of icons.

1. 2. 3.
4. 5. 6.

comments and credit required. suggestions appreciated more than meat-free burgers.
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cool. I mean it looks artistic and pretty when there's small fonts on an icon but it bugs me immensely. I think it's because I can't read it... I wish people would at least translate their icons!!! Sorry lol got angry. You didn't deserve it but I needed to nag tell someone about this. I really like them though!
haha. the tutorial said to type random text, so it's like IM conversations i was having with people. AND it's reversed. i tried to make the icon backwards from the tutorial (like the box on the right), but it looked wierd so i reversed the entire icon (each layer) to have the box on the left. cuz i'm cool.
oh! ok so I should stop being an idiot and trying to read these things! they're nonsense! you just solved my problem- thankyou Dr. Nora =)
your formerly distressed el jay compulsive patient
hehe. and i <3 your icon. PANCAKES.